Brandon Scott Williams, better known as TheoryMC is an American rapper, record producer, and songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. He emerged onto the battle rap scene under the alias DISSASTER in an online web forum called (defunct) where he was well known for his coarse battle lyrics but also introspective singles. 

He would often participate in the websites rap battle royale called the GRB. Although he ranked well in the competition, he never won the overall tournament after 2 years of participation. Later he found a home on (defunct) and would take home the first audio battle championship the website would host.  Many personal challenges would ensue, but the opportunity arose to relocate from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Salt Lake City, Utah. There he would work with many local artists and independent record labels, none of which would pan out to be a lasting opportunity for his music to be heard. 

Theory would open for a countless number of mainstream acts including Blackalicious, De La Soul, Black Eye Peas, Redman and Method Man, Mobb Deep and others. His journey would later take him to Las Vegas, Nevada and after taking up a part-time job as a service technician, a local record company Flo Deep Music Group invited him to exercise his songwriting and hook-writing skills he would become known for throughout the years. Collaborations with the label's founder Marion Write would lead to a few guest appearances on various projects.   

After parting ways with Flo Deep and leaving the city of Las Vegas, he would move north to Reno, Nevada, and co-founded his own record label Soul Hero Music where his highly anticipated debut single, "Work Harder" was released. He currently has rebranded his label to his own sole-proprietorship TheoryMC and his work has garnered the attention of companies like ESPN, UFC, NBA and the WNBA organizations.